In the wake of hate speech like we haven’t seen in the mainstream of political discourse in decades, #VetsVsHate are pushing back.

This weekend veterans confronted Presidential candidate Donald Trump at one of his rallies in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The veterans unfurled a banner inside the rally that read, “MR. TRUMP: VETERANS ARE NOT PROPS FOR HATE.” After they were escorted out of the rally by security, the group of vets stood outside with another banner that read “We stand with our Muslim sisters and brothers.”

The action was put together by Beyond the Choir with our allies, Iraq Veterans Against the War. A few days later, Elliott Adams of Veterans For Peace carried out a similar action at a Trump rally in Las Vegas.

In Myrtle Beach, the hashtag #VetsVsHate was born. It has been spreading in the days since, as vets across the country have been posting photos of themselves with hand-made signs expressing why hate speech doesn’t represent them. AJ+ just produced a short video about the effort: