A shout-out post to Beyond the Choir board member Judith LeBlanc — for her important work with the Native Organizing Alliance (NOA) in supporting the Standing Rock Reservation.

noaYesterday in a NOA press release, Judith discussed the importance of protest and organized collective action in securing a victory from the Department of Justice, which recently halted construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline:

Tribes from across Indian Country have drawn the line here with the largest show of unity and grassroots power in our history.

Judith serves as director of the Native Organizers Alliance and is a member of the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma. She made clear that “The fight isn’t over…”

American Indians will continue to lead this movement to save Mother Earth because our ancestors are depending on us to protect the water and land for our people, and for humanity. We cannot and should not allow our culture, our land, and Mother Earth to be put at risk for private gain.

We’re grateful for Judith’s work and for everyone who is standing up at Standing Rock. To find out more about the Native Organizing Alliance, visit their website.