UPDATE: This position has been filled.

Beyond the Choir is seeking an experienced full-time person for our training and strategic advising work. This person will play a leadership role in our organization, specifically in our support for progressive partner organizations and social movements. The full-time salaried position will involve training and curriculum development, strategic advising, developing leaders, and direct campaign support.


We believe that our world is in crisis. And so is our political system here in the United States. Our mission at Beyond the Choir is to help to win a world for all of us. We believe this will require a large-scale political struggle. And we believe progressive forces can only win such a struggle if we build stronger organizations, bigger movements, and a broader alignment of social forces. Our name captures the core of our mission: to win, we need to do more than just “preach to the choir.” We are committed to building a new progressive populism that centers both racial justice and economic justice. We seek to bridge between in-the-streets social movements, civic spaces, and electoral strategies; we are committed to building progressive governing power. Our partnership work with progressive organizations and movements is in service to this mission.

The Work

This person will work in close collaboration with our director to provide training, advising, and direct support to the progressive organizations and social movements with which we partner. They will also help to coordinate the involvement of the larger BTC team in this work. The training that we provide to groups focuses on political alignment, political narrative, organizing and campaign skills, and internal group dynamics. In this political moment, we are also looking to scale up our training work in support of social movements. In addition to training, we regularly assist groups with writing and editing campaign materials, advising on strategic and tactical questions, and coaching leaders. This person will help with all of the above, and will also play an important role in taking responsibility for the internal and financial health of the organization. (Please see our website for more information about our work and mission.)

Job Requirements

  • At least three years experience working with progressive political organizations and/or social movements.
  • Ample experience as a trainer, and preferably experience with writing training curriculum.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with a team and with partner organizations.
  • Demonstrated ability to connect with people across differences of class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and political beliefs.
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
  • A deep political analysis that is aligned with our mission of social, economic, and ecological justice.
  • Willingness to travel frequently. Location flexible (northeast US preferred, but flexible).

How to Apply

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, starting December 6th. To apply, please send a short explanation of your interest in the job, and why you think you could be the right person (no more than 400 words) along with your resume and three references to [email protected] (we will notify you prior to contacting any references). Feel free to also send one sample of campaign materials, training curriculum, or other relevant materials you have written. Thank you.

UPDATE: This position has been filled.