Since the November 2016 election, Beyond the Choir has been supporting the new grassroots effort Lancaster Stands Up, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Recently journalist Jimmy Tobias came to Lancaster to cover this effort for The Nation.

Health care rally outside of Rep. Lloyd Smucker's Lancaster office.

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, hundreds of Lancastrians gathered together for an emergency community meeting, where they launched Lancaster Stands Up. Since then, hundreds and sometimes as many as 2,000 people — unprecedented numbers for this small city — have been turning out consistently for town hall meetings, public demonstrations, and even a sit-in at Representative Lloyd Smucker’s downtown office. Recently, Lancaster Stands Up launched a door-to-door canvass operation, to register new voters and to continue building the grassroots organization.

This week The Nation covered Lancaster Stands Up:

Founded in the wake of Trump’s victory and led by a 12-person leadership committee, Lancaster Stands Up aims to upend politics-as-usual in this central Pennsylvania city. It wants nothing less than to break the stranglehold of both the Democratic and Republican establishments here and replace them with a progressive multi-racial political force beholden to the people alone. And it is using the tools of long-haul grassroots activism—canvassing, vetting candidates, bird-dogging political foes, forming unlikely alliances, training leaders, convening meetings—to build its constituency.

Read the full article here.

Jonathan Smucker (Beyond the Choir’s Executive Director) is part of Lancaster Stands Up’s coordinating team, and Beyond the Choir is proud to be actively supporting the grassroots effort.