We partner with social justice organizations to craft resonant messaging, plan strategic campaigns, develop leaders, and mobilize larger bases of support.

Through our partnerships we have provided training, advising, and direct support to a range of movements and organizations. Past partners include #AllofUs, American Friends Service Committee, Beautiful Trouble, Chelsea Manning Support Network, Electronic Frontier Foundation, #IfNotNow, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Lancaster Stands Up, MoveOn.org, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Our Homes, United for Peace & Justice, Rainforest Action Network, Veterans For Peace, Working Families Party, and numerous local campaigns.

For more information about our partnerships, contact us.

“Beyond the Choir’s storytelling and campaign coaching is rooted in years of organizing experience and refined theories. Beyond the Choir’s guidance in translating our ideas into stories has changed the way we think — and that’s been a gift that’s kept on giving.”

—Yong Jung Cho, #AllofUs

“Throughout history it’s not the truth that wins, it’s not always the right thing that wins, it’s the more compelling narrative and the better organized social force that wins the day. I appreciate Beyond the Choir’s trainers and material because of its emphasis on storytelling as movement building. BTC pushes us out of our comfort zone and gets us thinking about how to move people in our community in an aligned direction. It challenges organizers to interact strategically with a broader world that may not always be aware of us or agree with us.”

—Tim Franzen, American Friends Service Committee

“I’ve been through Beyond the Choir’s narrative analysis training twice now — once with the Chelsea Manning Support Network and then again when I brought them in to work with the activism team at Electronic Frontier Foundation. Both times, I walked away with a whole new mindset about how to frame our issues effectively. Jonathan Smucker is an incredible strategist. And the Beyond the Choir tools and exercises fundamentally shifted how I understand impactful activism. I learned so much both times that I’m working to bring Jonathan and his team in to work with the entire EFF organization.”

—Rainey Reitman, Electronic Frontier Foundation

“The day that IfNotNow spent with Beyond the Choir was the single most important day in a yearlong process of crafting our ‘meta-narrative’ — our identity and messaging. With BTC’s guidance, we were able to develop an identity that, today, thousands of people are proud to adopt; an identity that has the reach and integrity to confront injustice in ways we hadn’t thought possible. Without BTC, we could have continued on the self-marginalizing path of the ‘righteous few’ instead of creating a movement and community for the righteous many.”

—Lissy Romanow, #IfNotNow